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Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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Making a room public will allow anyone with the room’s URL link to join the room. You will first need to set the Collab room public in VR and then copy and share the URL link from your account on with other users.


Set Collab room Public

  1. Enter LandingPad Collab from the Lobby
  1. Grab the room you would like to set public and select the purple button on your non-drawing hand controller
  1. Select Yes (check mark) to confirm the action

Once the room is public a purple icon will appear (in VR and in the browser) indicating the room is public.

  Notion Image                  Notion Image
  1. Go to and login into your account
  1. Go to LandingPad Collab and select Rooms
  1. Select the public room and click Copy App Link
Notion Image

4. Share the link


Set Collab Room back to Private

To set the room back to private simply go to VR, grab the room and select the purple button once again. This will disable access to the room and the public room icon will be removed.


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