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Elma Kujovic
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Selection mode can be entered by clicking the cursor symbol. This allows you to select any stroke you have created, and then move, transform or edit that selection. You can also enter or exit this mode by double tapping with one finger.


Control points

These are edited by clicking the button on the left at the bottom of the screen. This changes the shape of your stroke as you can pull the control points into different positions.

Add a single control point

You can do this by hard pressing with your pencil in between control points.

Delete a single control point

You can do this by selecting the control point and then choosing the trash can icon on the right.

Editing thickness

Select a control point and then use the brush size slider to increase or decrease the size of that part of the stroke.

Plus and minus buttons

These are located at the bottom of the screen will increase or decrease the overall amount of control points on that stroke.

Planarity toggle

This allows you to move control points through the different axis, rather than keeping the control points on the same plane as the one you drew on.


This is located on the right side of the screen for right handed layout, or left, for left handed layout. You can duplicate the stroke while you have it selected by clicking the two stacked squares.

Reset plane

This will move your drawing plane from it’s current view so that it is set to the same plane the selected stroke was drawn on. This is the icon underneath the duplicate button.

Trash bin

This icon is below the reset plane button will delete the selected stroke.

Side arrow

Located underneath the trash bin icon, it will open a side menu.

Stroke graph

It will change the thickness of the stroke. You can do this by either moving the grey circle through the graph or by sliding the numerical values.

Circle, diamond or square cross sections

These are located directly underneath the graph. These symbols will change the cross section of your stroke.

Break mirror

This is the symbol underneath the circle. This will break the mirror so you can move the strokes independently of each other.

Reset weight

This will reset the weight of the control points if you edited any of them. This button is to the right of the break mirror plane.

Unify thickness

This is located to the right of the reset weight button. This button will unify the thickness of the whole stroke.


This will add caps to the ends of your strokes.

Low poly

This will remove the smoothness of your stroke to sharper edges and corners.


This will mirror your stroke against the mirror plane.


This closes your stroke into a loop.

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