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LandingPad is our cloud platform that allows easy access to content you create in Gravity Sketch and provides a range of workflow and file management tools through the web browser.

In addition to organizing and sorting your files easily in the browser, you can also view, download, and share your sketches using LandingPad.

Learn how to sign up and link your LandingPad account to your device


  • Organize and sort files
  • Upload reference images and models through a browser to use in-app (not available when using iPad only)
  • Easily share your designs with others
  • Download screenshots and exports
  • View your 3D files and take screenshots in the Web Inspector
  • Get access to Bonus Pack with free reference models, sketches, and images
  • 1GB free storage space

Do I have to sign up for LandingPad?

You do not need to sign up for a LandingPad account to use Gravity Sketch. However, we recommend signing up to explore the full experience on iPad and VR, and transition smoothly between both platforms.


Video Tutorial

Video Chapters


Sign up

Log in

Upload files

Organize files into folders

Gravity Sketch files and Screenshots

Files View Mode

Files Filter


Workspaces Menu & Bonus Pack

LandingPad Collab

Download, Send, Move or Delete files

View files (Web Inspector)

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