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With the Precision tool, you can move, rotate and scale most precisely. Learn how to access and use it in this article. 

Access and Use

  1. Activate Tool Belt
  1. Intersect the Grab Sphere on your drawing hand controller with the Precision Move Tool 
  1. Hold the grab button on your drawing hand while using the tool
  1. Now hover over any part of the object with the Precision Move Tool and press the front trigger to lock the function (move, rotate or scale) you would like to apply to the object:
    • To MOVE or ROTATE the object, intersect the head of the tool with one of the axis and pull the front trigger
    • To SCALE the object, intersect the head of the tool with the green cube, pull the front trigger and move the controller to scale the object

To switch between the move, rotate and scale functions on the Precision Move Tool, push the joystick to the left or right.

Red cube function

To move the red cube around, simply intersect the red cube with the yellow head of the tool, pull the front trigger on the drawing hand and move the controller to move the cube.

Move: red cube will allow you to move arrows to a different location once locked to a surface

Rotate: red cube represents the pivot point. You can set a custom pivot point to rotate an object around by grabbing and moving the red cube

Scale: red cube represents the point from which an object will scale and enables you to scale objects from specific points in space

To set the pivot point of the red cube to the center of the object place first place it on the object and enable the snapping function. Then move the controller towards the centre of the object and squeeze the front trigger. The red cube should snap to the center. Then simply grab the green cube and move it up/down to scale.

Gray cube function

Gray cube will appear when the SubD surface is moved from its original position. You can use this function to move the surface back to the mirror plane.

Simply intersect the head of the Precision Move tool with the gray cube and pull the front trigger.

Snapping function

This function enables you to move an object by specific distances or rotate an object in 5-degree increments.

To enable or disable it, press the same button on your drawing hand controller you would press when changing the color.

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