With LandingPad Can I Still Save Locally?

Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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Yes! Our Cloud service is completely optional. Created to simplify access to your content wherever you are.

The number of sketches will be limited to 2 if you don't connect the app to a LandingPad account. Keep in mind that you can still save locally after connecting to a LandingPad account as saving your files to the cloud is completely optional.

To save your files locally:

  1. Press the Blue Menu Button on the non-drawing hand
  2. Go to Save & Export
  3. Switch the toggle button from Save on Cloud to Save on Local.

All the files saved locally will be accessible on your PC once you connect your VR headset to it. Once connected go to the Gravity Sketch folder on the headset drive.

Your saved files will be stored in Saved Sketches, exported files will be stored in Exported Sketches, and all locally saved screenshots will be stored in the Screenshots folder.

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