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Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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To use Revolve tool, or to create planar/polar-symmetry strokes, you need to set the Axis plane with a non-drawing hand trigger in advance.


Snap Axis

Half pull the trigger on the non-drawing hand to snap the plane to 45-degree increments. It will also snap to the World axis.

Snap Axis onto the Reference image

Similar to Recover Axis interaction, you can snap the Axis plane of Revolve, Volume(Planar), or Planar Ink/Stroke onto any reference image that is NOT anchored to the world.


  1. Unanchor the reference image that you want to snap the Axis plane onto.
  2. Intersect the image you want to place the Axis plane on with the Grab Sphere
  3. Half pull the non-drawing hand trigger to enter the axis snapping mode. You should see a red axis in the centre of the image.
  4. Move your non-drawing hand to this location. The Axis plane will snap to the reference image.

Recover Axis

  1. Highlight the object that you want to recover the axis by intersecting it with the Grab Sphere
  2. Half pull the non-drawing hand trigger to enter axis snapping mode. You should see the “axis” appear inside the original object
  3. Move your non-drawing hand towards the middle of the object. Axis will snap to the recovered axis

Check the tutorial video.

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