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In Gravity Sketch you can change the color and material of the drawing tool and any existing object or multiple objects with a few simple gestures described in this article. 

Change the color of an object

  1. Use the Grab Sphere on your drawing hand and intersect it with the object or objects you wish to modify.
  1. Press and hold the grab trigger to grab the object. Don't worry about moving the object at this point.
  1. While holding the object, simultaneously press the color wheel on the drawing hand to bring up the color wheel selector:
      • The color selector in Gravity Sketch is a 3-dimensional version of the typical color selector:
      • Depth controls brightness, while the color wheel controls the hue. While simultaneously holding both the grab trigger and the color wheel, your controller will turn into a color selector.
  1. Choose the color by moving the color selector around the wheel. You can quickly select basic colors by going all the way to the edge of the color wheel as well.
  1. Push the color selector away from you to reduce the brightness to black, or bring the color selector towards you to bring the brightness to 100%.

Change the material of an object

  1. To assign materials to an object, move the color selector to the material swatches floating above the color wheel. Here you can choose between different materials that have different levels of reflectivity, brightness, shine and dimension.
  2. To assign the material, simply select the material and then release the grab trigger.

It's important to note that you can only change the material or the color at any given time, so to change both you will need to first choose the material, and then choose the color.


Using the existing color palette

Below the color wheel is a palette of previously used colors and textures. When changing the color of an object, you can simply point to any of the swatches below the color wheel to instantly assign an already-used color to another object.

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