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You might want to undo certain actions you made intentionally or unintentionally. you can easily undo or redo an action or multiple actions with the undo or the history button on your controllers. Both ways are described in the content below. 

Undo function

To undo an action or multiple actions:

  1. Tap the red button and you will go back one step in the history of your project.
  1. Tapping the back button multiple times will take you back to multiple steps (the red back button is the equivalent of CMD+Z/ CNTRL+Z in other creative software suites).

History function

To quickly go back and forward in your history, you can use the history clock feature on the non-drawing hand. The history clock is positioned on the non-drawing hand joystick.

  1. Move the joystick or touchpad counter-clockwise to go back in history
  1. Move the joystick or touchpad clockwise to move forward in history — the equivalent of the redo function.

History Modes

Object history is different depending on what mode you are in:

  • Sketch History: if you are in 'object mode' where you are moving objects around and changing their colors and object properties, history will take into account these actions
  • Edit History: when in the edit mode of an object, history will work with the changes made to the geometry and the movements of control points, edges, faces, and splines. Once you exit edit mode, history will once again work with object mode. 

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