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When you first open a new sketch in Gravity Sketch, the Ink tool is the default tool assigned to your drawing hand it is also the first tool in the Tools menu.

Access and Use

  1. Press the purple Tools menu button on the non-drawing hand.
  2. Navigate to the Ink and point and click on it with the drawing hand pointer.
  3. Pull the front trigger on the drawing hand controller and move your hand in space to start drawing.

The Ink tool is often used for quick initial rough sketches. The tool mimics the style of drawing with an ink pen, and curves created with the Ink tool often have tapered ends.

By default, the Ink tool tapers the ends of the curve you sketch. However, you can change which factors cause the variation in size and tapering in a stroke in the Ink tool panel.

Ink Tool Panel

You can access the Ink tool panel by selecting the Ink tool icon twice (first to enable the tool, second time to open up the panel).

Notion Image

A. Speed Mode: Curve thickness changes according to the speed of your gesture movements. The faster you move the drawing hand, the thinner the stroke becomes; the slower you move the drawing hand the thicker the stroke becomes.

B. Pressure Mode: Squeeze the trigger to adjust thickness throughout your curve. The pressure applied to the front trigger on the drawing hand controller controls the size and tapering of a stroke. The more pressure, the thicker the stroke.

C. Taper Mode: Curves have tapered ends.

D. Thick to Thin: Toggle to invert how thickness changes.

E. End Caps: Caps your curve ends. Not available for Ribbon Stroke.

F. Planar: Allows to draw on a plane. Set a drawing plane with a non-drawing hand trigger before you draw. Not available for Ribbon Stroke.

G. Auto Scale: Automatically scales the size of the brush as you scale your scene.

H. Low Poly: Visualise geometry with minimum polygons.

I. Cross section: Chooses your curve shape and thickness.

J. Polar Symmetry: Polar array around the axis. Pull the non-drawing hand trigger to move the symmetry axis.

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