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The Revolve Tool is the third tool in the Tools menu. It is very useful in automotive designs when for example designing wheels, lights etc.

Access and Use

  1. Press the purple Tools menu button on the non-drawing hand
  1. Navigate to Revolve and point and click on it with the drawing hand pointer
  1. Set the axis by pulling the front trigger on your non-drawing hand. Pull the trigger all the way to place the axis in any direction and half-pull the trigger to snap the axis along the x, y or z axes
  1. Pull the front trigger on the drawing hand controller and move your hand in space to create a revolve object
Revolve objects can be converted into SubD objects when in Edit mode.

Revolve Tool Panel

Select the Revolve Tool icon twice to access the Revolve Tool Panel (first to enable the tool, second time to open up the panel).

Notion Image


A. Mixed Input Mode: Pull and hold the front trigger on your drawing hand controller and freely move your drawing hand controller to create

B. Point Mode: Create the revolve surface with more precision by adding points in space along the axis (pull and release the front trigger on your drawing hand to add points). As you add points, the revolved surface will be created in relation to the profile curve you are creating. To finish creating in this mode press the front trigger on your non-drawing hand

C. Revolve Rotation & Thickness: Point at the circles and hold to set the Rotation (45° - 360°) and/or Thickness

D. Revolve Profile: Choose between Round, 8-sided, 6-sided, 4-sided, 3-sided and Star Revolve shapes.

E. Low Poly: Visualise geometry with minimum polygons

Thickness can also be adjusted in the sketch by moving the joystick button right or left (see below).
The small marker (white line) on the revolve cursor indicated where the control point seam will be placed (see below).

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