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The Surface tool enables you to create surfaces in multiple ways, and create different types of surfaces such as SUBD and NURBS surfaces.


Access and Use

  1. Press the purple Tools menu button on the non-drawing hand
  1. Navigate to the surface tool and point and click on it with the drawing hand pointer
  1. Press the front trigger on the non-drawing hand to show a surface profile preview
  1. Pull the front trigger on the drawing hand and move both hands in space to create a surface

You can move, add or delete individual or groups of control points at once. While in Edit mode, move the Thumbstick to left/right to choose between individual selection or group selection (vertical or horizontal) of control points.


Surface Tool Panel

You can change the settings of the surfaces in this panel. To access it, press the Purple button and double select the Surface Tool.

Notion Image

A. Mixed input mode: Create a surface by squeezing both triggers on both controllers and moving them through space.

B. Point mode: Create a surface by pulling the front trigger on the non-drawing hand controller and using the drawing hand trigger to plot points. This mode is very useful for the precise shaping of surfaces.

C. Four Point Surface: Choose to create a surface that has four points determining the curvature. This can give you more control when creating curved surfaces.

This function is only available in Mixed input mode and Point mode.

D. Bridge curves mode: Create surfaces between 2 curves. To use it, align the controllers close to the curves and then pull the trigger on your non-drawing hand controller to show the surface profile preview. When both curves are highlighted, you can pull the trigger on the drawing hand and move the controllers along the curves.

Use the Full Curve function (only available in Bridge curves mode) to create a surface between curves in one instance: when toggled on, pull the front trigger on the drawing hand controller once.

E. Surface From Spline: When in this mode, hover over the spline with both controllers and press the front trigger on your drawing hand controller to create a set of points along the geometry (every time you pull the trigger a new set of points will be created) then move controllers in space to create surfaces. To end, press the front trigger on the non-drawing hand controller.

This input mode is only available when working with NURBS or SUBD surfaces (point H).

F. Initial Tension: Set the profile of the curve by using the slider (move up to add a lot of tension or down for a more flat surface).

G. Low Poly: When toggled on, the surfaces will be more faceted.

H. Geometry types: Slide the toggle to choose simplified, NURBS or SUBD

  • Simplified: This mode allows you to create surfaces that are easy to use and work with.
  • NURBS: These are mathematically calculated surfaces that are made of U and V splines and control points. You can edit the U or V splines or control points to change the shape of the surface. In this mode, you can create in greater detail for precision editing.
  • SUBD (subdivision polygonal surfaces): Made of control points, edges and faces (polygons) that are connected. In this mode, you can add additional edges and/or easily pull faces.



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