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The Stroke Tool has very similar settings as the Ink Tool, however, it allows more precision and a consistent look. It’s great for more precise sketches or technical details in projects.

Access and Use

  1. Press the purple Tools menu button on the non-drawing hand
  1. Navigate to the Stroke tool and point and click on it with the drawing hand pointer
  1. Pull the front trigger on the drawing hand and move the controller in space to start creating

By default, the strokes will be consistent in size and have round edges.

Stroke Tool Panel

Notion Image


A. Mixed Input Mode: Pull and hold the front trigger on your drawing hand and move the controller freely in space.

B. Point Mode: Pull and release the front trigger to start creating the stroke. Move the controller in space and pull and release the front trigger to add points of the stroke. The stroke will change based on points locations. To end creating the stroke in this mode, pull the front trigger or click the Blue button on the non-drawing hand controller.

C. Projection Mode: Use to sketch on existing surfaces. When in this mode, your cursor will turn into a laser pointer. Aim at a surface and pull the front trigger on your drawing hand controller to start sketching on the top of the surface. Strokes created on top of the surface will retain the profile of the surface.

D. Profile and Size of the stroke: Point at the circle and hold to move it and change the profile and the size of the stroke.

E. Shape of the stroke: Choose between Round, Square, Diamond, and Ribbon Stroke.

F. Polar Symmetry: Create a polar array of strokes around the axis. Move the slider to choose the number of strokes around the axis (up to 12 stroke copies). Pull the non-drawing hand trigger to move the symmetry axis.

G. Texture: Choose between stretched and repeated texture of the stroke.

H. End Caps: Choose between Flat and Round curve ends.

I. Planar Mode: Allows to draw on a plane. Set a drawing plane with a non-drawing hand trigger before you draw.

J. Auto Scale: Automatically scales the size of the brush as you scale your scene.

K. Low Poly: Visualise geometry with minimum polygons.

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