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With this tool, you can quickly create 3D volume objects. It is great for creating more organic shapes or for filling in the sketch.

Access and Use

  1. Press the purple Tools menu button on the non-drawing hand
  1. Navigate to the Volume tool and select it by pointing and pulling the front trigger on the drawing hand
  1. Once selected pull and hold the front trigger on the drawing hand and move your hand in space to start creating a volume

Volume Tool Panel

Notion Image


A. Mixed input mode: press and hold to create space. To finish using the tool simply release the front trigger

B. Point Mode: create by adding points in space. To end creating in this mode, pull the front trigger or click the Blue button on the non-drawing hand controller. 

C. Profile and Size of the stroke: Point at the circle and hold to move it and change the profile and the size of the stroke

D. Shape of the stroke: Choose between Round, Square, and Diamond Stroke

E. Polar Symmetry: Create a polar array of volumes around the axis. Move the slider to choose the number of volumes around the axis (up to 12 stroke copies). Pull the non-drawing hand trigger to move the symmetry axis

F. Low Poly: Visualise geometry with minimum polygons

G. Planar mode: Allows to draw on a plane. Toggle on the Planar function (Planar input) and follow the steps below

  1. Set the drawing plane: Pull the index trigger on the non-drawing hand controller and move the controller to orient the plane. To snap the plane vertically/horizontally half-pull the front drawing trigger (the same function works when snapping the plane to a reference image in the scene)
  2. Draw: Pull the front trigger to create. The cursor will always be constrained to the plane when using planar mode and the shape you create will be a flat volume
  3. End drawing: Press the trigger on the non-drawing hand
  4. Extrude Volume: Grab and put the object into edit mode. Extrude the object by pulling the green arrow away from the drawing plane


H. Auto Scale: Automatically scales the size of the volume brush as you scale your scene

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