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Josh Humphreys
Josh Humphreys
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We know it can be tricky getting to grips with a new product, so the team have put together lots of handy resources to help you get started: 


Use the Help Center

Our Help Center contains loads of articles about all our products and how to use them. We've also got lots of info on VR best practices, software and hardware recommendations and integrating Gravity Sketch into your workflow. We always keep our Help Center up to date and regularly add new articles for any feature updates or new releases. The Help Centre is a great way to find specific answers when you first start in Gravity Sketch, but also when you're more advanced and want to check out individual tools. 


Follow a tutorial 

Our Gravity Sketch experts have created 100 of hours of footage explaining our products and doing live demostrations. You can find all these videos on our youtube channel. If you're brand new to Gravity Sketch, this is a great place to learn the basics and follow a build with one of our experts. 

You can also watch some tutorials in app as well. Find out more by reading our Tutorials article 


Get in touch with us 

If you're still struggling or can't find the answer you are looking for, you always have the Gravity Sketch Support Team on hand. You can drop us a message by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of this page or you can email us at support@gravitysketch.com. Typically we'll reply to you the same day to help out. Our team is based in the UK and we work normal UK office hours. 


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