Installing Gravity Sketch on your PC

Josh Humphreys
Josh Humphreys
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To access Screen Collab through your PC or Mac, you will first need to install the Gravity Sketch application. This guide shows you how to download the App and enter a room through Screen Collab all from your PC. 



Setup instructions
  1. Go to a browser and log in to

  2. Click on your account icon in the top right corner 

  3. Click Download Gravity Sketch

  4. Unzip the downloaded zip folder in your files

    1. On Windows, click the .exe file (with the Gravity Sketch logo) to open it once and then exit the app (disregard the error message).

    2. On mac move the .app file from your downloads folder to your applications folder. Click to open it once and then exit the app. The warning message on the right will show on your MacBook, please click open.

  5. Go back to LandingPad to select the room you want to join on your windows or mac device.

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