How to Import and Watch Videos in VR

Josh Humphreys
Josh Humphreys
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This guide will show you how to bring your own mp4 files into Gravity Sketch VR so that you can open and watch them while you sketch. This is useful if you want to bring any video tutorials into a sketch room so that you can follow along! 



Step 1: Connect your VR Headset to your PC or Laptop using your USB-C cable. 

Step 2: Click 'Allow' if there are any file sharing permission notifications in the headset.

Step 3: On your PC or Laptop, open the file manager for your headset and find a subfolder called Videos in the Gravity Sketch folder.

Step 4: Drag the mp4 file you want to import into the video folder.

Step 5: Put on your headset and open the Gravity Sketch VR app

Step 6: Navigate to a sketch room and press the blue menu button on your non drawing hand

Step 7: Click on the tutorial logo and then click Imported

Step 7: Select the video you would like to open and a video player will open in the sketch room



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