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Elma Kujovic
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The following is required to be whitelisted for Gravity Sketch VR (as well as GravitySketchVR.exe, GravitySketch.Launcher.exe and any internet browsers the users will use to access our web services):


LandingPad Domain:

- *.landingpad.me (wildcard domain) - HTTPS - 443.

- *.landingpad.me (wildcard domain) - TCP port range 7900 - 8000.


AWS Domains (all HTTPS - 443):

sketch-data-production-gravity.s3.amazonaws.com user-data-eu-central-1-production-gravity.s3.amazonaws.com server-production-gravity-private.s3.amazonaws.com server-production-gravity-public.s3.amazonaws.com


TCP access is required as our Collab solution uses this protocol for communication. The wildcard domain is required as it covers all our services hosted on this domain, and the IP range for collab servers are dynamically provisioned. 


Our requirements to enable real-time communication are similar to Microsoft Teams, which requires TCP or UDP connection. 

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